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Mentorship Program

​The NL Young Farmers Mentorship Program plays an important role in our mission to support and nurture the success of young farmers in a profitable and sustainable agriculture sector across Newfoundland and Labrador.


Mentorship plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, such as professional development, personal growth, and skills enhancement. Mentorship benefits both mentors and mentees. It fosters growth, knowledge sharing, and meaningful relationships.




A mentor helps a mentee stay on track and stay motivated to achieve specific goals.


Expanded Networks


Mentorship provides access to the mentor’s professional network and opens doors to new opportunities and connections.


Goal Setting


A mentor helps a mentee set specific, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals while focusing activities and tracking progress.


Increased Confidence


A mentee gains confidence through guidance and support from a respected mentor.


Source of Knowledge


A mentor offers specific insights and information and helps a mentee feel comfortable more quickly. For example, a mentor can guide a mentee starting a business with help developing an initial business plan and budgets.


Supporting Growth


A mentor encourages and enables a mentee’s professional and personal development.


NL Young Farmers Mentorship Program matches experienced mentors with mentees aged 18-40 who are interested in farming or already have some farming experience and might be planning to start their own farm business.


Both mentor and mentee fill out an application that helps us determine ideal matches based on specific experience and goals.


Following a review of applications, mentors are matched with mentees according to region and specific farming interests in an informal working relationship that lasts for up to one year. The number of mentorship hours per week ranges from 5 to 20, and the mentor and mentee are expected to communicate regularly to plan their activities and determine their schedule.


If you are a farmer and would like to mentor a young person who is interested in getting involved into agriculture or you are between 18-40 years old and are interested in being mentored, please reach out to us and we’ll add you to our list for future potential mentorships!​

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