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Membership Benefits

If you are presently a farmer or can imagine farming in your future, then it’s worth joining NL Young Farmers. There is strength in numbers. Joining NL Young Farmers will connect you with a wide variety of services, resources, training, and networking opportunities.


NL Young Farmers offers:

  • Ongoing access to free or discounted workshops and training, conferences, networking sessions, and mentoring programs.

  • We connect young farmers from all over the province with each other, with more established producers and other industry stakeholders.

  • You can gain personal brand and business awareness through NL Young Farmers’ social media accounts and in other ways, such as articles in publications like the AgriView magazine.

  • We can direct you to the appropriate people who can help you with business planning, marketing, accessing grants, loans, land, and more.

  • And membership is FREE!

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