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Exploring the Small Farm Dream

New Entrants' Workshop

Online Session - Pre-Recorded

No Charge to attend - open to residents of NL. A value of $250.



This workshop invites participants to explore opportunities and challenges involved in starting up and managing a farm. 


The workshop is designed to help aspiring farmers learn what it takes to start and manage a commercial agricultural business, and decide whether this is a path they really want to take.

It has been adapted into a self-directed online workshop where the aspiring farmer will work their way through several worksheets and watch three online pre-recorded video sessions.

Participants will think about what it is they are hoping to achieve, what they want to produce, when they want to do it, take stock of resources they have and need, get acquainted with the local market, among other exercises.

A kit will be mailed to the participants (within NL) with what they need to get started.

Funding to host this workshop provided by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


















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