About Us


Young farm leaders preserving the future of a sustainable agriculture industry and working towards food self-sufficiency.  


To attract, create, and empower a network of aspiring, new, and existing young farm leaders.

Board of Directors


Vice Chair


Secretary Treasurer


Eastern Rep.


Western Rep.


Labrador Rep.

At Large

Susan Lester

Rebecca Williams

Nancy Lester

Havie Carter 

Sheldon Cameron

Darren Dinsmore

 Stephanie Lipp

Interested in getting involved? Let us know because we love to see young people who are passionate about farming engaged in our group.

NLFA Committee

We also have a committee through the Federation of Agriculture to oversee the project developing our organization.  Funding for that initiative is provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


Committee members are:

Labrador/West Rep.


Eastern Rep.


Central Rep.




Agrifoods Rep.


Agrifoods Rep.

Darren Dinsmore

Susan Lester 

Chris Oram

Phillip Smallwood

Cindy MacDonald


Janice Gill